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Our Story

Our Story Reilo and Seed

The magic behind Reilo & Seed...

During Reilo & Seeds's development I was healing from a leg injury, that put me out for almost an entire year. It was emotionally and physically draining. I went from being completely independent, to needing help to do everything. I found myself really turning to my rituals, and self care practices to help me feel like my normal self again. After that experience I really started to see that so many of my clients were also suffering emotionally, and it was manifesting physically in their skin. I knew my rituals helped me, and brought me much needed peace during some very painful times, and I wanted to bring the same healing to others. 

Coming from a 10 year career in the beauty industry I realized how many hidden ingredients and unnecesary plastic was being used. I knew that I wanted to change that standard, and elevate natural eco sustainable beauty.

It brings me great joy to help others discover their ritual, while being gentle with mamma earth. We strive to cultivate conversation around wellness, ritual, and sustainability. As we grow, we are committed to taking these steps, and continuing to evolve.


Karissa Cullett

Creator & Founder